Kyle Larson “The Non-Wheel Man”

Got to give Kyle Larson credit for driving an awesome race Saturday in the NASCAR Nationwide event held at Fontana.  He held off a very determined Kevin Harvick and a stealthily present Kyle Busch in the dying laps of the 300, but what came after his exciting win was even better, the celebration!

We’ve become accustomed to a variety of different victory celebrations varying from Carl Edwards doing his now trademarked back flip to Brad Keselowski driving around with the Stars and Stripes hanging out his window to Tony Stewart climbing the fence to … you get the picture … and what almost every driver has in common is that they almost all do the big smoke producing, engine melting, tire shredding burn out!  But Larson decided to do something a little different.

Once Larson got the finish he decided to do donuts in the grass sans his car’s steering wheel.  Yep he took that thing right off the steering column and held out the window as his car tripped the light fantastic in the grass over the sponsor logos!  Much to the delight of the crowd and Fox Sports commentators.

Now this isn’t the first time Larson has done this trick, he did it back in his dirt track days and even more recently in the Tuck Series.

“The history behind it – in the Outlaw cars that I grew up racing, everybody did them,” Larson said after the race. “My sister’s ex-boyfriend probably did them the best, so she doesn’t really like to see me do them.”

“But nobody did them in stock cars, so once I got here, I did it when I won the K&N championship at Rockingham [and] I did it when I won the Truck race at Rockingham.”

One thing though is that NASCAR had a conversation with Larson about their concerns over his ‘No Wheel’ burnouts after he did it when he won the Truck race at Rockingham last year.

Concerns that Larson didn’t take heed of in the adrenaline pumping aftermath of his first Nationwide win, and concerns he probably won’t be troubled by again if he wins his first Cup race this season.

“I just won my first Nationwide race, so I’ll do whatever I want,” he said. “And if I win the Cup race, I’ll probably do the same thing.”

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