Hendrick Motors are Dominating the Win Column

#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr on track Sprint cup Dover International Speedway '14bure

I was just mulling over the statistics for the races up to this point, and some very amusing facts has opened my eyes.

Here are the results for the first fifteen races:

  • Daytona - Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  • Phoenix - Kevin Harvick
  • Las Vegas - Brad Keselowski
  • Bristol - Carl Edwards
  • Auto Club Speedway - Kyle Busch
  • Martinsville - Kurt Busch
  • Texas - Joey Logano
  • Darlington - Kevin Harvick
  • Richmond - Joey Logano
  • Talladega - Denny Hamlin
  • Kansas - Jeff Gordon
  • Dover - Jimmie Johnson
  • Michigan - Jimmie Johnson

After analyzing the above information there are a few facts that pop out in my mind.  What one common bond do you find in those stats?  The explanation follows.

Ford teams, which receive their engines from Roush-Yates, have only visited Victory Lane four (4) times, within the first fifteen races.

The Toyota Racing Development (TRD) engines that power the Toyotas in the Sprint Cup series have only won two (2) races so far this season.

Lastly, the Earnhardt-Childress Racing (ECR) engines have put up a big fat goose egg in the win column to date!

Now the single most important fact noted in the above stats.  After counting up the wins that are attributed to Hendrick Motorsports, three (3) by Jimmie Johnson, two (2) by Dale Earnhardt, Jr, one (1) for Jeff Gordon, that is six victories for HMS in fifteen races.  Now add to that total the number of wins by Stewart-Haas Racing, who coincidently gets their engines from Hendrick, two (2) by Kevin Harvick and one (1) by Kurt Busch, for a total of three more wins.

That brings the number of victories for the Hendrick engines to nine (9) in the first fifteen (15) races!  Do the math, that is 3/5 of the races!  Put another way, and more simply, Hendrick engines have won 60% of the races so far this season!

These statistics have got to be making the teams that do not have Hendrick motors tremble in their boots!  The Hendrick numbers are extremely awesome!  If these facts do not support the idea of pure engine domination by Hendrick engines, then I don't know what kind of proof is needed to prove this point!

Just using the above numbers, if this trend continues for Hendrick motors, they could easily be responsible for as many as eighteen to twenty (18-20) Sprint Cup victories, or more, in 2014!

It appears that the Hendrick motors have all their competitors covered, and snookered, in the Sprint Cup Series to date!


It is too bad Hendrick motors is a privately held company. If it were publicly traded, I would be scraping up as much money as I could muster to buy me a whole bunch of stock!


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